Join our community and find your perfect ALEX SWIM bikini! Go bananas on our wide range of colors and find the perfect fit for you. Lets make a splash this summer!

Cherry on top

Summer is no longer around the corner and we finally get to dust off our bikini wardrobe and, of course, treat ourselves to some new ones!

We are happy to announce that ALEX SWIM is growing and so is our color pallets. The Skimpy Bottoms and The Classic Triangle are now available in a new dreamy color combination, Cream x Sweet Pink. And like cherry on top, we are releasing a brand new color this summer, stay tuned!

The Skimpy Bottoms


What the customers think about us

  • I'm obsessed!

    “Heyy, my bikini just arrived with the post and I am obsessed! It fits perfectly and I already love it. I'm on vacation this Saturday and this bikini is definitely going with me. Thanks a lot!!"

  • Jeg elsker den!

    Jeg elsker den! Helt utroligt søt, og går nok under en av mine favoritt bikinier 🥰😍

  • Den är så välsydd och sitter perfekt!

    Fick hem bikinin idag och den är så drömmig. Den är så välsydd och sitter perfekt, tack!! 💖

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